Advantages & Benefits

The Wexford University Difference

A Practical and Integrative Method of Study:

All courses at Wexford University are designed to give our students both a scholarly and practical education along with an integrative approach to health and fitness, well-being, and life-long success. Our courses are chosen and revised with our students long-term best interests in mind. Our courses guide our students through the known and emerging concepts in their field of study.

In the health, fitness, sport psychology and nutrition industries there are more opportunities for your success than ever before. The role of personal fitness trainers, nutritionists, sports and performance psychology counselors, fitness entrepreneurs, and others associated with enhancing health and fitness is rapidly expanding. You can lead the way with your degree from Wexford University.

Fitness Training, Nutritional Consulting and Sports Performance Coaching are Rewarding Careers

One of the most rewarding feelings is to invest your knowledge, skill, passion and caring into the life of someone who wants your help. Distance learning makes it possible for you to earn your degree and become a leader in your chosen profession in less time while saving money over traditional universities.

Wexford University and Distance Learning:

Our style of instruction is similar to giving our students a private instructor to teach them.

Simply put, distance learning is an educational experience that happens outside of the four walls of the traditional university campus. Every year, distance learning is becoming more sophisticated, affordable and effective. Wexford University is committed to teaching information in ways that help each student become more confident, more knowledgeable, and more capable. We are continually seeking better methods for teaching and sharing cutting-edge knowledge. Our educational delivery system is state-of-the-art and yet simple to use.

Developed by Top Experts

Wexford’s programs are specifically developed for distance learning by top professors, industry experts, instructional designers, and technology professionals. Wexford University has created proven distance learning curricula for each degree program. What makes Wexford’s curriculum stand out is that our course experts have designed real-world materials that help you develop knowledge and skills that you can apply immediately at your place of work, and in your life.

Online Distance Education

You Will Earn Your Degree without Having to Sit in a Classroom
Advances in learning technology have made earning your degree easier than ever before. Through the power of the Internet, a busy adult like you, can acquire the education you want and need to get ahead and increase your earning power. You do not have to sit through lectures in classes with other students. You do not have to commute, park, arrange childcare, and attend scheduled classes. You set the time, choose the place, and set your own study schedule. You are in charge of your own education.

Distance Learning is Green and Environmentally Friendly

In addition to the benefits of saving time and money, distance learning is also good for the environment when compared to traditional classroom learning. There is no commute, therefore no car exhaust. A traditional campus-based program requires use of more natural resources. A school that operates only online has no need for a showcase campus. With a smaller physical presence, these schools also have a smaller environmental footprint. No campus means less energy output.

earn your online degree in personal trainingObjectives

All degree programs offered at Wexford University share the following common objectives. These objectives have evolved over time and are continually shaped by our students, faculty, staff, employers, and the ever-changing socioeconomic climate.

– To allow our students to complete degree requirements as quickly as possible while having strong comprehension.
– To enable our students to successfully meet coursework requirements without traditional classroom attendance.
– To provide students with the most comprehensive, current and directly applicable information available in their field of study.
– To utilize proper evaluation materials which require the student to demonstrate the effective integration of concepts and skills.
– To make available to students all materials necessary to successfully complete their degree requirements, and to give students access to faculty members who will provide assistance and guidance when needed.
– To develop the student’s understanding of the language and information specific to their discipline.
– To instill in students the value of life-long learning and ongoing success principles.

Our graduates are in a position through their educational training to become leaders in the health, fitness, nutrition, or sport psychology fields. As a student of Wexford University, you will learn at a comfortable pace without the need to commute to classes, find parking, or stand in lines or sit in uncomfortable seats. In addition, our tuition is substantially less than a traditional university. This is why millions of Americans and many more individuals from around the world are currently pursuing their education though distance learning.