Associate of Arts Degree in Fitness Training

A.A. in Fitness Training Program Description

Earning your AA degree in fitness training with Wexford University will give you the needed skills and confidence to have a successful career as a personal trainer, fitness coach, lifestyle consultant, fitness manager and similar fields.

– The purpose of the AA degree program is to prepare students for an entry-level career in the health/fitness and/or wellness industries. Careers include personal fitness training, wellness coach, group exercise instruction and many others.

– The AA degree is designed to prepare students for higher levels of study, such as BS programs in health, fitness and human performance.

– Students completing this associate of arts degree will gain the needed skills, confidence and knowledge to help a wide range of individuals and athletes improve fitness, sports performance, general nutrition and overall health and well-being. Students who continue with Wexford beyond this AA degree will gain more advanced skills, a more diverse knowledge base and many more career opportunities.

A.A. in Fitness Training Program Objectives:

– Fundamental knowledge of the human body and how it adapts to the stress of exercise

– Understanding of basic nutrition and its importance to health and wellness

– Understanding of psycho-social factors that affect an individual’s ability to achieve health and wellness goals

Courses in the Associate of Arts Degree in Fitness Training

Arts & Humanities
HUM 102 Introduction to College Math
HUM 103 Introduction to Language Arts
HUM 108 History of Exercise Science
HUM 112 Cultural Perspectives on Physical Activity
HUM 120 Art of Drawing Human Anatomy
KIN 113A Exercise Physiology 1
KIN 113B Exercise Physiology 2
KIN 113C Exercise Physiology 3
KIN 114 Health and Performance Assessments
KIN 115 Exercise Program Design
KIN 116 Injury Recognition and Prevention in Fitness
KIN 117 Fitness Management
KIN 118 Introduction to Performance Training
KIN 119 Weight Management
KIN 121 Personal Training Capstone
Natural Sciences & Mathematics
NSCI 101 Intro to Biology
NSCI 106A Human Anatomy and Physiology I
NSCI 106B Human Anatomy and Physiology II
NSCI 106C Human Anatomy and Physiology III
NUTR 107 Introduction to Nutrition
PSY 104 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 105 Lifestyle Fitness Coaching
PSY 110 Introduction to Wellness Coaching
PSY 111 Corporate Wellness Coaching

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