Doctoral Degree in Sport Psychology (EdD)

 online doctorate in sports psychology

If you have a strong interest in sport and fitness performance, this online doctoral degree in sport psychology will help prepare you for a highly rewarding career.  Doctoral degree program graduates can seek positions in administration, coaching, consulting, counseling, or entrepreneurship. Employment opportunities are also available in the corporate world, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, sports performance clinics, and sports and fitness organizations. Sport psychology experts help athletes and fitness enthusiasts optimize their performance, assist coaches create winning, cohesive teams and help athletes set personal, as well as professional goals, in striving to enhance their performance on and off the field.

This EdD degree provides students with the opportunity to extend their theoretical and applied knowledge and understanding of sport beyond the Masters degree level.  You will experience a highly supportive student-centered environment.  The courses are delivered by a team of dedicated sport psychology, personal development and sports performance experts. Many of whom are at the forefront of international research and professional practice developments in their respective fields. The application of theory to professional practice is the core strength of this doctoral degree in applied sport psychology.

The coursework in this Doctoral Degree in Sport Psychology provides students with a wide range of knowledge in coaching principles, counseling methods, group dynamics, linguistics for coaching success, mental toughness, teamwork, Hemispheric Integration and the application of psychology and coaching to athletic performance. Students also learn practice and business building skills for long-term career success.

Courses in the Doctoral Degree in Sport Psychology

PSY 401: Sport Psychology in Practice
PSY 402: Precision Communication: Language of Influence for Successful Mediation and Negotiation
PSY 403: Social Psychology of Healing and Fitness: Cognitive Emotional Re-Alignment
PSY 404A: Advanced Sport Psychology
PSY 404B: Advanced Sport Psychology
PSY 405: Leadership: Creating, Modeling and Producing Excellence
PSY 406A: Online Mental Training: Gaining Access to Coaches, Athletes, and Parents
PSY 406B: Online Mental Training: Gaining Access to Coaches, Athletes, and Parents
PSY 407: The Basics of Mental Toughness Training
PSY 408: Advanced Mental Training and the Pursuit of Excellence
PSY 409A: Building a Successful Practice
PSY409B: Building a Successful Practice
PSY 410A: Neurophysiology
PSY 410B: Neurophysiology
PSY 411A: Developing Professionalism
PSY 411B: Developing Professionalism
PSY 412: Eastern Approaches to Sport Psychology
PSY 413: Doctoral Project (22 Units)


PSY 413 Course Description: This course is a required for graduation. Instead of writing a traditional dissertation, The EdD student will write a consumer-oriented book on an approved area of sport and/or fitness psychology. Wexford feels that this type of capstone project better prepares the student for a successful career in today’s rapidly evolving and technologically advanced world. The book can be written and published in any of these formats: Kindle, hard cover, paperback, ebook, self-published or published by a traditional publishing house. The student will be provided with the resources and guidance needed to make the project attainable and highly enjoyable.


NOTE: This degree program is not intended to prepare a student for state or national licensing as a clinical psychologist or mental health professional.

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