Master of Science Degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology

MS in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Program Description

Graduates of this degree program will enter into, or advance in, the following types of careers: weight management consultant, nutrition adviser, healthy living coach, author, lifestyle consultant, health club operator, and similar fields.

– This MS program provides specialized learning with measurable competencies relevant to the degree, the profession and credentialing standards in the health and fitness industry.

– The purpose of the Wexford University MS in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology is to provide students with the academic and research skills needed for doctoral study in Health and Fitness and related disciplines.

– To prepare students for careers in clinically-oriented environments with an emphasis on evidence-based practices, such as exercise prescription and clinical applications.

MS in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Program Objectives:

– Content knowledge and disciplinary concepts at expert level in the fields of exercise physiology and nutrition.

– MS candidates will demonstrate reflection and critical thinking for application in professional practice. This includes development of exercise and nutrition objectives and the application of research from experts in the field.

– All MS students will demonstrate evidence-based knowledge and skills, using best practices for assessing needs and for designing, implementing and evaluating health-based programs.

– Students will demonstrate professional behaviors, including commitment to excellence, valuing diversity and collaboration, service to others, and techniques for lifelong learning.

– Each MS candidate will articulate a philosophy that recognizes physical activity programs as important to the health and well-being of individuals, and a belief that physical activity can promote greater human performance through both physical and psychological expressions.

Courses in the Master of Science Degree in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
KIN 301A Physiology (biochemistry) of Exercise, Metabolism and Skeletal Muscle
KIN 301B Physiology (biochemistry) of Exercise, Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Systems
KIN 305 Motor Control
KIN 306 Science of Metabolic Conditioning
KIN 307 Motor Learning
KIN 310 Research, Design and Inferential Statistics in Exercise and Nutrition
KIN 312 Advanced Biomechanics
NUTR 302 Advanced Nutrition Throughout the Lifespan
NUTR 303 Human Nutrition: Health, Disease and Genetics
NUTR 304 Sports Focused Nutrition
NUTR 308 Nutrition, Communication for Special Populations
NUTR 309 Ergogenic Aids, Exercise and Sports Supplements
NUTR 311 Pharmacology of Vitamins, Fluid and Electrolytes
NUTR 313 Capstone Thesis (6 units)

NOTE: This degree program is not intended to prepare the student for any particular registration or licensing.

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