Enrollment Services

The Office of Enrollment services at Wexford University provides the bridge between admittance into Wexford University and the students first day of class.

Located here are forms and services pertaining to enrolling and registering as a first time student or a returning student.

If at anytime you require further information, it is our pleasure to provide you with first class service and attention.

Request for Reinstatement

If a student is involuntarily withdrawn from his/her program for failure to meet financial or academic requirements and wishes to be reinstated to an active status, he/she will be assessed a $75.00 non-refundable fee, plus any tuition increases that may have occurred since their original enrollment. Students will be required to meet the current academic requirements and standards established by the University. Any previously completed coursework may be transferred into the current program, when possible and applicable. Students seeking reinstatement will need to contact the University and request an Reinstatement Petition.

Wexford Reinstatement Petition

PDF Downloads

Click on a link below to download the pdf. If you are having trouble, right-click the link and save the file to your computer.

Enrollment Agreement