How does Distance Learning work at Wexford University?
Distance Learning takes place away from a traditional classroom. It is communication between the student and faculty that occurs electronically (online, discussion groups, forums, telephone, etc). When you become a student of Wexford University, you are given access to the student-to-instructor system (LMS – Learning Management System). This enables you to work with your Faculty Mentor and communicate with fellow students to complete your course requirements from the comfort of your home or office, or where ever you decide to study and learn.

Do I have to attend any physical classes?
Wexford University is 100% online. There are no class schedules. No travel is needed. You can fit your coursework into your schedule by completing course requirements within the term of quarter. You will work closely with your Faculty Mentor to assure that all work is completed, but you never have to attend a classroom on campus.

Can I select elective courses or select a focus for my degree program?
You cannot select electives. All degree programs are pre-designed to to give you the best possible mix of theory, direct application and the needed range of topics to best prepare you for your career. In some cases, you will have considerable freedom for special class projects that allow for your personal experience and interest.

When can I start?
You can apply right now.  Submit your online application for admission. After processing, our admissions office will contact you regarding the status of your application. You can get started on your degree within a couple days.

Can I transfer prior my college credit to Wexford University?
Yes, in most cases. As part of your admission process, we will evaluate your prior academic work and award credit earned at appropriately licensed, approved or accredited colleges or universities. Undergraduate transcripts don’t expire for transfer credit consideration.  Graduate credits vary. 7 years is often considered too long for transferring.

Can I transfer Wexford University credit to other schools?
Just as Wexford has the discretion to accept or decline other school’s credits; other schools can do the same. If your intent is to continue at another institution after earning your degree with Wexford, check on credit acceptance before enrolling.

How much credit do I receive for having completed the NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) Personal Fitness Trainer Certification, other personal trainer programs, or the certifications from ITCA (International Triathlon Coaching Association), or the MMACA (Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association)?

Successful completion of any of these programs allows you to bypass (and receive credit) for the capstone project for the AA degree in fitness training.

What are the courses like?
The course content, subject matter, and textbooks are the same as traditional campus-based courses.  Wexford University emphasizes self-directed learning. Your Faculty Mentors add their professional experiences to your learning process to give you a more well-rounded educational experience.

How fast can I progress?
Our programs are designed for motivated adult students with busy lives.  With continuous enrollment, you can earn your degree as much as 30% faster than a traditional university.

What is the faculty like?
Our experienced and highly educated Faculty Mentors will serve as your instructors to assist you in reaching your educational and degree goals. One-to-one contact with a Faculty Mentor is similar to having your own highly qualified tutor.  This ensures you have your questions answered.

How do I get the needed textbooks?
In your LMS (Learning Management System), each course will give you the specific information (and link) to purchase the textbook.  Students do have the right to purchase course textbooks from any source they choose.  Not all courses require a textbook.  In some cases, digital versions of textbooks are available. Textbook fees are not included in the tuition.

I have earned industry-related credentials (i.e. personal trainer certification, sport psychology diploma). Do any credits transfer, and how will that help me with Wexford degree programs?
In some cases, credits can transfer to lower level degree programs. Your admissions adviser will have details. Your previous training, regardless if credits transfer, will make your educational experience a bit easier, due to existing knowledge of terminology, processes, etc.

What makes Wexford University so different?
Wexford focuses on real-world, direct application learning. Theory is certainly part of your learning experience.  However, current, relevant, specific education for immediate implementation is what Wexford is all about.

Are the degree programs earned at Wexford University designed to prepare the student for any particular state or national licensing?
The degrees earned at Wexford are not intended to prepare students for any particular state or national licensing.

I emailed/phoned Student Support on Friday. I have not heard back from anyone for a few days. Why?
Students can access academic information, update records, and submit assignments, electronically at any time and from anywhere. Certain student services are available during office hours only: from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday our employees observe the weekend. Remember, emails are sometimes delivered a little late. Though you may have sent us a query on Friday morning, we may not have received it until after hours. Rest assured, if you tried to contact us after hours, and if the message was delivered, you will be contacted first thing Monday morning.

Does Wexford offer grants or scholarships?
No, we do not offer grants or scholarships. Wexford does offer interest free financing and low monthly payments. Click here for payment options.

What if I have more questions about Wexford?
Your academic adviser will guide you step-by-step through the program. If we have not completely answered your question in this FAQ section, please call us at 866-583-7277 or 949-484-8454 and ask for an admissions representative.