Japanese Students Benefit from Earning College Degrees in United States

Wexford University Offers Degree Programs for Japanese and Other International Students in Health, Nutrition, Sports and Exercise Fields

Japanese students enrolling at Wexford University

Foreign students from Japan join international student body at Wexford University

The United States hosts more students who are studying abroad than any other country – with more than 723,000 international students studying in the United States in 2011 – and Asia Pacific is home to most of these foreign students. In 2011, more than 21,000 students from Japan (which is number seven in nations sending students to the United States for school) pursued U.S. degrees, according to the Institute of International Education, and Japanese students now attend colleges and universities in all 50 states. America remains the top destination for Japanese men and women who are studying abroad, and, as the countries continue to enjoy educational exchange programs, more American students are now studying in Japan than ever before.

Nevertheless, more Japanese students are choosing to stay home due to the cost of traveling for an international education, which means that more Japanese students now have the opportunity to enjoy an online education from an American college or university. Online schools can also offer full degree programs as well as the convenience of learning at a self-selected pace and location. Likewise, most online colleges and universities also accept transfer credits from other institutions, both foreign and local. Whether the school is online or in person, international students remain focused on earning a college degree to bolster their long-term job prospects and earning potential. A U.S. college degree can offer increased career opportunities in Japan and around the world.

Japanese Students Can Earn Health, Exercise, Sports and Nutrition Degrees at Wexford University Online
International students from Japan and other countries who are interested in earning a from an American college or university and have a passion for fitness, sports and nutrition can earn a variety of associates through doctoral degrees at Wexford University online. Offering self-directed online learning, the university’s innovative degree programs provide global education in health, exercise, sports and fitness topics and fields, including outstanding faculty and direction. Students from Japan can transfer credits from other schools or launch their online college education at Wexford University. Affordable online classes at Wexford are designed to meet students’ lifestyle and interests.

Wexford University offers the following degree programs for international students:

Associate of arts degree in Fitness Training
Bachelor of science degree in Health and Fitness
Master of science degree in Nutrition and Exercise
Master of arts in Applied Sports Psychology
Doctor of Applied Sports Psychology

Wexford University is the higher education division of NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association). For more information on international study at Wexford University, please visit http://wexford.edu/.