Financial Information­ for Earning Your Degree at Wexford University


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Financial Information­ for Earning Your Degree at Wexford University

Unit Pricing (USD)

The program costs reflect tuition only.

Additional costs including an application fee, textbooks, general fees, as needed, etc., are not included.

Degree Total # of Quarter Units Needed Maximum Applicable Transfer Credits Cost Per Credit Cost Per Course Program Cost Without Transfer Credits*
Undergraduate: AA Fitness Training 96 72 $450 $1800 $43,200
Undergraduate: BS Health & Fitness (with AA already completed) 96 72 $450 $1800 $43,200
Graduate: MS Nutrition/Exercise Physiology 58 10 $500 $2000 $43,200
Graduate: MA Applied Sport and Fitness Psychology 54 10 $500 $2000 $27,000
Graduate: EdD Applied Sport Psychology 90 45 $500 $2000 $45,000

Pay in Full – Pay the entire tuition all at once.  Pay online using a credit card or debit card and begin immediately. If you choose this plan and pay in full the entire tuition, you may also qualify for an additional 5% off the total tuition, if you meet any of the following:

  • Active/non-active Military status
  • IDEA member

Validation is required and upon approval, discount will be applied in the student’s account.

Pay Per Course – Pay as you go, one course at a time.  Pay online using a credit card or debit card and begin immediately.  Not eligible for discounts.

Employer Tuition Assistance
 Many employers provide tuition support for employees, and sometimes their family members. Although these programs vary from employer to employer, most include partial or full reimbursement for tuition and/or fees. Most programs require the student to submit verification of enrollment or an official grade report to the employer before payment is made. Students are encouraged to check with their human resources department regarding tuition support programs which may available at their company.

Private Bank Loans or Credit Union Loans
 Your personal bank may provide low interest financing for your degree program.

State Disability Re-education Programs
 Check with your State Disability office.

Federal Financial Aid
 – Wexford University does not participate in federal student loan programs.

Accepted Payment Methods

VISA, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

If the student prefers to pay by check, money order or wire transfer, arrangements must be approved prior to enrollment.  Payment plan options are not eligible using this form of payment; only payment in full will be accepted. Please contact Wexford’s Student Billing Department for assistance on check, money order or wire transfer, arrangements.

Financial Probation and Suspension

It is Wexford University’s policy that students’ financial accounts must be current. If difficulties arise, appropriate arrangements must be made with the University Registrar. Students who fail to complete satisfactory arrangements or who default on their financial arrangement are subject to financial suspension. No transcripts or other documents, including study materials or grade reports, will be issued to students on financial suspension.

Note to all Students The University reserves the right to take action against students who do not make payments on their student account according to the terms of the Payment Agreement; up to and including withdrawal from the University.

General Service Fees for any Degree Program at Wexford

Fees must be paid in USD currency, by check, money order, or credit card. All fees are non-refundable.

Extension of Time fee (three more months or 1 Term)  $1,000
Reactivation fee (students who have not submitted work in 4 months)  $50
Returned Check fee/late credit card payment (1 day past due is late)  $25
Transcript fee  $25

Graduation fee  $200
Replacement diplomas  $75
Application fee  $50
Drop/Add Course fee  $10
Withdrawal fee  $10

Textbooks The average cost of textbooks per course is $50. Not all courses require a textbook. Students may purchase textbooks from our recommended distributors or in some cases, directly from the college. For a complete list of textbooks contact Wexford University at 866-583-7277 or 949-484-8454.

Refund Policy & Finance Information

General Cancellation/Refund Policy:

If You Withdraw

Amount You Own

Within 8 business days of the day you enroll/sign this Agreement 100% Refund
After 8 business days:
1st week  80% of the paid tuition
2nd week  60% of the paid tuition
3rd week  40% of the paid tuition
4th week  20% of the paid tuition
5th week  0% of the paid tuition

Refunds are calculated from the date the cancellation is accepted/processed. Refer to the Student Handbook for details and forms. Any amount owed to Wexford University is payable within 30 days. After 6th week from date of enrollment, no refunds are owed.


Withdrawal from a course or degree program needs to be made in writing addressed to the University Registrar. Payment of refunds will be made within 30 days of the school’s receipt of a student’s request. Notices of withdrawal should be sent by regular or registered mail to the school’s mailing address: 30021 Tomas, Suite 210
, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688.

Materials purchased are not refundable by the college.

NOTE: Wexford University’s Registrars Office is open 9am – 5pm PST, USA, Monday through Friday. All completed forms time-stamped within this schedule will fall in line with the Refund Policy listed above. If time-stamped after normal Wexford office hours, the form submitted will count and be dated on the next day.