University Registrar

The Wexford University Registrar is proud to serve the students, faculty and alumni of Wexford University with the highest quality service possible.  It is our missions to preserve the University through unbiased and dependable maintenance of student records, the issuance of grades, and distribution of official publications.

Registrar Functions

  • Provide support and services to prospective, current, and alumni of Wexford University
  • Provide training to university personnel regarding FERPA policies and guidelines
  • Collect and record student academic program information, including processes related to registration, grades, and verifications
  • Officially respond to requests for information about students and programs, and serve as the official manager for access to and release of academic and educational information (e.g. requests for student information, including all issues related to FERPA)
  • Provide support for determining academic progress (e.g. degree audits, dismissal and probation, withdraws, and commencement certification)

If you have additional questions or concerns, please send an email to or refer to our Contact page for additional contact information.